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Captured in the gobbledegook

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The Leeds New Generation Transport (NGT) trolleybus project will ease traffic congestion by providing fast and reliable journeys, according to an 18-page document produced by West Yorkshire PTE.

Does the available ‘supporting documentation’ support those claims?

NGT Run Times report

NGT Reliability report

LTM Highway Model Validation Report

LTM Demand Model Validation Report

LTM NGT Model Validation Report

The reports are (surprise, surprise) indigestible gobbledegook. But it seems that ‘speeding-up of journeys’ ascribed to NGT would be largely due to non-NGT-specific factors, such as introduction of smartcards, etc.

On the NGT North and South corridors, is it that

(a) all journeys that are speeded up/made more reliable, or
(b) all bus journeys, or
(c) all trolleybus journeys, or
(d) something else?

The NGT route is built around serving motorists from park and ride sites. So, how are motorists’ access times (to drive to and park up at the park and ride) captured in the gobbledegook?

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April 24, 2013 at 4:24 pm

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HS2 and West Yorkshire, part two

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Part one

James Lewis of West Yorkshire ITA, on BBC Look North

In January 2012, West Yorkshire Metro chairman James Lewis said

[‘Welcome for high speed rail link’, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Jan 11 2012]

“HS2 will free up capacity on already-busy, existing local rail lines, but it will only be effective if those routes are improved to spread the benefits of the high-speed link across West Yorkshire and the Leeds City Region.

In January 2013, councillor Lewis told BBC Look North, “By taking trains off the existing rail network, we are able to run more local trains as well”.

One might wonder what West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (‘Metro’) knows about

(Q1). The current capacity utilisation on each railway in West Yorkshire
(Q2). How each line’s current capacity utilisation compares with its maximum capacity
(Q3). How the HS2 Y network to Leeds would change items (Q1) and (Q2)
(Q4). What, in engineering and expenditure terms, is meant by “improved routes to spread the benefits of the high speed link across West Yorkshire and the Leeds City Region”‘.

Well, what they know turns out to be: almost nothing.

[WYPTE, December 2012]

A1, A2 and A3. Metro does not hold the information […] requested. Metro’s statement, that [were highlighted in relation to high speed rail], was made in general terms to highlight the very probable capacity benefits that will be released on the classic rail network as a result of HS2. […]

A4. Metro does not hold the information […] requested. However, in broad terms and as set out in Metro’s latest Railplan 7, Metro is seeking to speed up journey times from across West Yorkshire and increase train frequency, as well as provide adequate capacity. […]

Although Metro has not been able to provide the detailed information [required] Metro considers that the above provides the context in which the statement was made.

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February 6, 2013 at 4:25 pm