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Footprint of an Old Oak HS2 terminus

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The Lords Economic Affairs Committee report on HS2 was highly critical of the entire scheme, but suggested that if did go ahead, it might be less silly to terminate the line at Old Oak, rather than Euston.

Needless to say, the cost and disruption savings would be enormous.

The HS2 Ltd design for Old Oak was for a through station, to Euston and HS1. A terminus of the same capacity as Euston HS2, would require more land, for perhaps 12 platforms. But how much more?

Clearly, nothing like as much as this:

Bogus visualisation of the footprint of an HS2 terminus at Old Oak

For comparison, here is a drawing showing the footprint of the ‘through’ version of the station:

Old Oak Common HS2 (DfT hosted drawing)

Old Oak Common HS2 (DfT hosted drawing)

Footprint of Old Oak HS2 six platform through station, and Waterloo

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March 27, 2015 at 12:18 pm

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Misinformation feeds HS2 misunderstanding

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One of the most disconcerting aspects of the HS2 rail project is the lack of knowledge of politicians discussing and implementing it. For example, at a recent Birmingham city council committee meeting, Edgbaston councillor Deirdre Alden was dismayed to discover that the proposed HS2 trains from London to Birmingham were not additional to the existing West Coast Main Line services.

(HS2 Ltd’s October 2013 modelled service pattern shows intercity services on West Coast cut from 11 per hour in 2009, to 3 per hour in 2033.)

Another example of misunderstanding was provided by minister of state for transport Susan Kramer’s speech on 21 October 2013.

[speech by Susan Kramer, 21 October 2013]

[…] The overhead wiring on the West Coast line is getting on for 50 years old.

Contrary to the claim by Susan Kramer, the Fast lines overhead wiring on the busiest (southern) section WCML is not 'getting on for 50 years old'; it was replaced as part of the Route Modernisation

Contrary to the claim by Baroness Kramer, the Fast lines overhead wiring on the busiest (southern) section WCML is not ‘getting on for 50 years old’. It was replaced as part of the Route Modernisation

The ’50 years old overhead wires’ claim has also turned up in ‘Railnews‘. HS2 misinformation is being propagated in sections of the railway press (especially Railnews and Rail Magazine), and fed to clueless politicians by staff at HS2 Ltd.

Railnews: 'WCML overhead lines fifty-years-old'

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November 25, 2013 at 1:04 pm

Debunking the bunk

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HS2, debunking the bunk


More than 80% of passengers on HS2 would be travelling to, or, from London

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April 28, 2013 at 10:46 am

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HS2 and decreased connectivity

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HS2 Ltd, August 2012, proposed WCML service patterns, Crewe to Euston

Decreased classic connectivity is a major problem in the HS2 concept, and something which its lobbyists find difficult to address truthfully. In February 2012, Centro’s publicly-funded Go HS2 high speed rail campaign claimed that “the HS2 alternative threatens stations in the West Midlands“. Part of the Go HS2 misinformation strategy is to close down discussion, and suggest that there is only one ‘alternative’ to HS2: the 51m scheme. But 51m is just one of many possible approaches to developing the classic railway.

There is no reason to believe that upgrading the West Coast Main Line would necessitate any closure of stations. Nor is there any reason to believe that upgrading of the West Coast Main Line would reduce service levels. In fact, HS2 Ltd’s “Updated economic case for HS2 (August 2012): Explanation of the service patterns” suggested that the HS2 scheme would reduce classic connectivity. As can be seen from the extract from the service table (above), the post-HS2 Crewe to London service would decrease from thirteen to eight trains per day.

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Confused of Summer Lane

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Go HS2 campaign supporters, page 1

Earlier this year, Centro, the West Midlands transport authority, set up the GoHS2 campaign at its Summer Lane headquarters, to “bring HS2 to the West Midlands”.

But the West Midlands *already has* high speed rail – with its London Pendolino trains matching the Frankfurt – Cologne ICE in speed, and more than matching it in frequency and number of through trains.

At the time of writing, the GoHS2 website has 56 supporters, most of whom seem to be local authority or Atkins staff (unless supporters ‘David Bull’, ‘Peter Bethell’, etc, just happen to share the names of council staff).

Go HS2 campaign claiming "opponents want to scrap first class"The GoHS2 activity on social media has been no less bizarre. A recent example is the comment that “HS2 opponents want to scrap first class (higher revenue) for standard but at same time want to ‘relieve burden’ on taxpayer”.

This is a strange comment for Centro to make, because none of the trains on West Midlands local services (Straford-upon-Avon, Walsall, Stourbridge, etc) offer *any* First class accommodation. When these services did offer First, there was no “higher revenue”, because those seats were empty. Chiltern Railways have also done away with traditional First class, in favour of experiments with other types of product segmentation.

Comparing First and Standard class Pendolino capacity Far from being some kind of cash cow, specifying four First class coaches for each nine-coach West Coast Pendolino was a serious error. As can be seen from comparing a First and Second Standard class Pendolino carriage, revenue per seat has to be 65% higher even *at the same occupancy level*.

So the future role and price differential of First class needs to be examined, but it’s a more a matter of economics than capacity. There is a very large amount of capacity waiting to be used (e.g., the Chiltern Line volume could be expanded by 800%+, through relatively small investment). And 16-coach intercity passenger trains are already operating on the British railway network.

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