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Every little earthquake

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Local communities being able to take the decision on fracking is a good thing, according to the Centre for Cities’ Nada Nohrová.

[Nada Nohrová, CfC blog]

Notwithstanding the difference in perspectives, fracking is an example of how the pursuit of the national interest requires action at the local level which is likely to have mainly negative impacts on local areas and communities

Centre for Cities’ thinly disguised support for fracking seems to be based on it being in the ‘national interest’. But there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that it is. Nor is it clear what ‘local communities being able to take the decision’, actually means. The ‘interests’ of local politicians in office are often not the same as those of local communities.


Little BootsOddly enough, Ms Nohrová’s blogpost appeared alongside a Centre for Cities tweet about the musician Little Boots appearing on Channel 4 to discuss the Centre’s latest cities research. Little Boots is from Blackpool, where fracking company Cuadrilla admitted that its activities were responsible for “little earthquakes“.

As might be expected, the ‘pro-business’ Westbourne Communications PR outfit has also clambered aboard the pro-fracking bandwagon.

Telegraph, 2 Nov 2011: Cuadrilla admits causing little earthquakes

Telegraph, 2 Nov 2011: Cuadrilla admits causing little earthquakes

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