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Introducing Birmingham Crossrail

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Birmingham Crossrail Walsall - Birmingham - Redditch conceptIn the city of Birmingham, poor air quality, and poor internal transport links, are symptoms of years of failure to maximise the potential of existing infrastructure. For example, present-day congestion on the Soho Road and Alcester Road was actually familiar to travellers in the 1970s.

For longer journeys in the West Midlands conurbation (and within the city of Birmingham itself) rail has the potential to provide a time-competitive alternative to private cars. But the transport agencies involved have preferred ‘image’ projects, such as the Midland Metro tramway, and the High Speed 2 railway to London.

An effective approach to tackling congestion in Moseley, Kings Heath, and Handsworth, would include implementing a Walsall – Birmingham Snow Hill – Redditch rail link, as part of a wider Birmingham Crossrail scheme. As well as a number of new stations, this would require new connecting curves at Benson Road (Soho), and Bordesley (Camp Hill).