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Kein Geschenk

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DB Schenker tweet: 'connecting HS1 and HS2 creates route for continental size freight trains to Europe'

Connecting HS1 and HS2 would create a route for ‘Continental size’ freight trains from Britain, according to freight company DB Schenker UK’s Twitter.

But they must surely know that

* HS1 is not designed for efficient freight operation, and despite there being no shortage of paths, almost no goods trains use it

* gradients on HS2 would be even steeper

* the proposed passenger service pattern on HS2 would preclude even short, or double headed freight trains, from running.

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January 28, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Hands up for greenwashing HS2

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Hands up, baby hands up, give me high speed baby, give me high speed baby baby

Hot on the heels of the fantasy video comes the apparently fact-free Hands Up for High Speed 2 website.

The site contains the now-familiar guff describing Greengauge 21 as an “Independent and not-for-profit high speed rail research body”, and claims that HS2 would shorten the ‘Solihull’ to London journey to 38 minutes. Since the AA route planner declares the car journey from Solihull to Birmingham International is 8 kilometres, and takes 14 minutes, the claim looks more than a little shaky (Bickenhill HS2’s site is further away than Birmingham International). The figure also doesn’t take into account the time taken to park, or reach the station platform.

The most interesting thing about the site is its fairytale background image, which sees HS2 transformed into a single track railway, with lush greenery running right up to the rails, and no need for even any overhead lines. All in all, nearly as far fetched as Jim Steer’s claims about HS2 carbon emissions.

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April 19, 2011 at 2:45 pm