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In December 2021 the House of Commons Transport Select Committee (TSC) announced an inquiry into the government’s ‘Integrated Rail Plan for the North and Midlands’ (IRP) and solicited ‘anyone with answers’ to submit written evidence, to be received by 24 January 2022.

“The Committee is interested in the implications of the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP) for the economy and rail capacity and connectivity. We are particularly interested in receiving written evidence that addresses:

* “The contribution that the IRP will make to rail capacity and connectivity for (a) passengers and (b) freight in (i) the Midlands and the North and (ii) the UK
* Whether and how the IRP will “level up” communities in the Midlands and the North
* How the IRP will affect rail infrastructure and services outside the Midlands and the North
* The challenges to central Government, Great British Railways, regional and local authorities, transport bodies and other stakeholders in delivering the IRP
* How the rail schemes in the IRP will integrate and interact with HS2
* How the rail improvement schemes in the IRP were selected, and whether those selections represent equity between and within regions
* Whether the IRP represents value for money for UK taxpayers”.

TSC | IRP Inquiry | December 2021

A problem which would appear to face anyone trying to submit worthwhile evidence to the TSC inquiry is the dearth of substantive information available about the IRP, HS2 phase two, travel demand, and what “levelling up” even means.

twitter, @CommonsTrans, '3 days left to submit to our inquiry'

For some reason the Department for Transport decided to delay publishing (incomplete) background information about the IRP, and HS2 phase two updates, until the preannounced closing date for submissions to the TSC inquiry (24 January 2022).

The TSC then changed the closing date for submissions to 27 January. How much difference that makes to the quality of the inquiry, remains to be seen.

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January 28, 2022 at 9:26 pm

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