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Labour intensiveness of HS2

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Earlier this year, HS2 Ltd published revised information about the alleged jobs and skills impacts of constructing its high speed railway, including the construction labour person hours for phases one, 2a, and 2b (Western leg only).

(Why no estimate for the Eastern leg? Presumably, because there is no intention of ever building it.)

HS2 construction, labour person hours by phase, estimated by HS2 Ltd, 2021

From this information, the Beleben blog has estimated, at a high level, the labour intensiveness of each phase. Pro rata, it can be seen that phase 2b is much more labour intensive than phase one is overall. The high labour intensiveness of the London end of phase one is diluted by the Country sections of plainline northwest of the capital.

Section of HS2
Labour demand
to construct)
per km
Phase one
Phase 2a
Phase 2bWL
Person-years sourced from:

At the time of writing, HS2 Ltd have not produced any public estimate of the carbon footprint of the phase 2b Western leg. The Beleben blog would postulate that on a per-kilometre basis, phase 2bWL has the highest carbon footprint of the entire scheme.

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October 11, 2021 at 7:41 pm

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