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A proportion and none

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Greengauge 21, 'A proportion and none'

Although his company SDG (now Steer Group) trousered tens of thousands of pounds for providing the Department for Transport with a report on the supposed released capacity benefits of High Speed Two phase two, Jim Steer’s Greengauge 21 has now admitted HS2’s eastern leg would only allow “a proportion” of East Coast Main Line and “none” of the Midland Main Line fast services to London to transfer to the high speed line, and said its prospective delivery date is now “20 – 25 years ahead – the 2040s”.

Greengauge 21 'Eastern arm report', 30 July 2020 (extract)

In a muddled but entertaining report called ‘HS2’s Eastern Arm’ (30 July 2020), Mr Steer seemed to question whether any of the eastern leg should be built, and then claimed parts of it should be built, but with its ‘London intercity’ raison d’être fulfilled by, er, upgrading the existing Midland and East Coast Main Lines.

But this doesn’t really fit with the October 2013 government and Network Rail ‘lobotomy’ upgrade script, does it?

Network Rail's 'lobotomy' alternatives to HS2, 'disruptive possessions'

As can be seen, in the ‘alternatives to HS2’ put forward by Network Rail in 2013 (and sent to the Oakervee review in 2019), it was the upgrading of the Midland and East Coast main lines, which accounted for the vast majority of the supposed ‘disruptive possessions’.

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August 6, 2020 at 10:54 am

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  1. If true, this is something of a bombshell. The 2013 demand estimates for HS2 assumed that 80% of Nottingham-London passengers would transfer to HS2, 70% of Derby-London passengers. There would then be the same number of new passengers on top. Half the Nottingham-London trains would be cancelled, cutting £11bn off the HS2 budget. Now HS2 cannot cope with even the existing passengers. With no cancellations on the already busy Nottingham-Toton line, there will be no Nottingham-Toton shuttle service to feed HS2. Oops.


    August 9, 2020 at 3:41 pm

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