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Upgrading existing lines, instead of building High Speed Two phase one (the London to West Midlands section) would result in 2,700 weekend closures of the railway over a fifteen year period, according to HS2 Ltd (29 June 2020).

twitter, @HS2ltd, 'It’s estimated that upgrading existing lines instead of building #HS2 Phase 1 would result in 2,700 weekend closures over 15 years. Independent rail planning consultant @WilliamBarter1 spoke from #MiltonKeynes earlier this year and explained why alternatives to HS2 don’t add up.'

However, this claim is contradicted even by Network Rail’s own scaremongering report for the Department for Transport (DfT), known as “Options for Potential Capacity and Connectivity Enhancements to the Existing Network”.

In 2013, Network Rail and Atkins were tasked by the DfT with helping to create ‘straw man’ alternatives to HS2, intended to make building a new line look like a more attractive option than enhancements to the existing railway (the standard approach elsewhere).

The outputs from the 2013 DfT / Atkins / Network Rail joint effort were the ‘lobotomy’ packages, officially known as P1, YA, YB, P2A, and P2B, replete with big scary numbers for ‘disruptive possessions’, to be fed to the mainstream media.

So, what did the public make of all this? 

Yougov, HS2 versus alternatives, key findings, 2013-10-30 

According to Network Rail’s 2013 report, the P1 enhancement package — their ‘alternative’ to building HS2 phase one — would require 410 weekend closures. And not 2,700 weekend closures, as claimed by HS2 Ltd on their twitter.

Network Rail, HS2 alternatives, disruptive possessions scaremongering, 2013

Network Rail, scaremonger enhancements to the rail network, disruptive possession scaremongering, 2013

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August 5, 2020 at 11:32 am

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