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Midlands Connect’s announcement of “new findings” that ’73 locations stand to benefit from High Speed Two released capacity’ was widely publicised across the HS2 blobosphere, with additional humbug being added in here and there.

For example, in their press release titled “HS2 Analysis reveals space for new commuter services”, the Derby and Nottingham local enterprise partnership D2N2 claimed, “HS2 will transfer long-distance journeys between London, Yorkshire and Scotland from the East Coast Main Line the new high-speed network, making new services from Nottingham to London Kings Cross via Grantham possible”.

This contradicts HS2 Ltd’s own presentation ⁠— in which there would be no Anglo-Scottish services on HS2’s eastern leg.

Derby and Nottingham local enterprise partnership D2N2, 'HS2 Analysis reveals space for new commuter services', 26 Sep 2019

The title “HS2 Analysis reveals space for new commuter services” was also a bit unfortunate, considering that local travellers between Nottingham and Derby would face longer commutes if HS2 were built.

This would be a result of trains having to detour to Toton, in order to serve the so-called East Midlands Hub high speed station.

If ‘express’ services were introduced from Toton HS2 southwards to Nottingham, that would reduce (rather than increase) space for local commuters.

HS2 Ltd statement about Toton local-journeys, Feb 2019

Another daft press release, from the Black Country local enterprise partnership, claimed HS2 would “create space for more trains between Black Country and Birmingham and less overcrowding for commuters“.

Of course, there is no credible evidence whatsoever for this claim. Actually, many Black Country commuters have to stand on their journey into Birmingham, because the main line railway through West Bromwich was turned into a rinky-dink tramway by West Midlands PTE (now TfWM). The railcars operating this route cannot be operated in multiple (in service) and they only have 54 seats (which is fewer than a double decker bus).

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September 27, 2019 at 11:03 am

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  1. What about all the services that will be removed?


    September 28, 2019 at 5:27 am

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