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BBC news reports on Crossrail and HS2 ‘to be analysed’

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twitter, @TomBurridgebbc, 'Today we’ve shown that Ministers and HS2 bosses knew #HS2 was over budget years ago. Story took months of work. We all knew that a massive overspend didn’t fall from the sky...but establishing facts surrounding this hasn’t been easy.'

twitter, @catrionalewis, 'Yet again ⁦⁦ @BBCBreaking ⁩news and ⁦@BBCRadio4 are broadcasting one sided anti-HS2 news reports. You don’t question the huge comparitive cost & overrun of Crossrail because you all live in London. This is our West Coast reality  #hs2 #crossrail #brokencountry'

twitter, @catrionalewis, 'Crossrail - £18 billion - 73 miles - only of benefit to people who live in the south = no negative publicity despite being a year late. HS2 - £56 billion - 330 miles - 4.5 times the length but only 3 times the cost - is this a case if under budgeting? @BBCNewsnight @BBCNews'

twitter, @catrionalewis, 'Crossrail is £18 billion for 73 miles. HS2 is due to cost £56 billion for 330 miles so it’s 4.5 times the length but only 3 times the cost. Is today’s real news that it was under budgeted? Any students want a job comparing reports on Cross rail & HS2?  @BBCNews @BBCNewsnight'

twitter, @catrionalewis, 'If the Government refuses to spend money on infrastructure outside London - let’s campaign for lower personal and corporate taxes? Last time I looked the infrastructure investment it was £70 per person per year who lived outside London and £2,000 per person for lucky Londoners'

twitter, @catrionalewis, 'Thanks for all the CVs for the job of analysing all BBC news reports on Crossrail & HS2 - we’ll interviewing next week with a view to a start date of 2nd Sept. Thanks also for the  offers from universities to publish - massively appreciated and I’ll be in touch! @BBCBreakfast'

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August 29, 2019 at 8:51 am

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