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Taking ownership of BRCW

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The Beleben blog’s claim that West Coast rail capacity out of London Euston could be doubled by using land earmarked for HS2 was ‘challenged’ by the twitter troll ‘@BRCWCo’ on 7 August.

This person alleged it was ‘the standard stop HS2 scam of double counting’ [?], ‘using 12 coach IEPs on commuter services’ [?], and ‘adding one coach to the current Pendolino’ [?].

@brcwco on twitter, bizarre interaction, 07 Aug 2019

At this point, it might be worth recalling that

  1. the HS2 land at Euston is intended to provide ‘extralong’ platforms for HS2 trains
  2. this land could be used to facilitate extralong platforms for longer West Coast trains, and reorganisation of existing platforms, instead
  3. the fast lines out of Euston are capable of supporting twelve intercity trains per hour, in and out
  4. with signalling renewal, these lines ought to be able to support more than twelve long-distance trains per hour.


  1. if there were twelve intercity departures in an hour, operated by 12-car IEP trains (for example), the total capacity would be in the region of 10,800 seats (i.e. 12 * 900)
  2. 10,800 is roughly double the figure for Euston’s ‘year 2014’ hourly long-distance capacity, as reported by the Department for Transport. (As previously discussed on the Beleben blog.)


'Grey fail'This piece of trolldom foundered on the usual lack of knowledge (for example, believing a 12-car IEP would only have a ‘9% increase in capacity’ over an eleven-car 589-seat Pendolino), combined with an abject failure to read what had actually been written.

Written by beleben

August 8, 2019 at 8:08 am

Posted in Birmingham, Bizarre, HS2

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  1. Hi Guys.I think it is very difficult to have an exchange of views on Twitter and Facebook .You both end up getting exasperated
    You both have interesting points to make which can help to inform the debate and I for one do get the point you are making but I also get BRCW.Try a civil exchange on private email and be open minded

    david gaule

    August 8, 2019 at 9:19 am

  2. To David Gaule: What an incredibly patronising comment from you! You say that both people have interesting points to make which help to inform debate. Do you really think that? On the one hand we have BRCW Co Ltd making sweeping and unfounded statements which clearly demonstrate his/her lack of knowledge and also prejudice in favour of HS2, quote “the standard stop HS2 scam of double counting.” On the other hand we have Beleben, an independent and highly knowledgeable commentator on HS2 and many other transport matters, with a track record of reasoned, logical comments going back to Jan 2011. Your suggestion about using private email is also unrealistic.


    August 22, 2019 at 3:52 pm

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