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Train path capacity for commuting that HS2 would bring to northern cities is pretty much zero, rail consultant Chris Stokes advised the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee on 19 February (video).

Bridget Rosewell and Chris Stokes questioned on HS2 by the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, 19 Feb 2019

Another rail consultant, William Barter, commented that Mr Stokes had talked only about the inbound morning period — ‘the evening is more demanding, as the local / intercity peaks coincide’. Also, trains from London can’t arrive early [?] in ‘the North’, whereas with HS2 they could [arrive earlier, in some places anyway], which is a benefit.

twitter, @WilliamBarter1, '1) He only talked about the morning peak, the evening is more demanding as the local/InterCity peaks coincide 2) Trains from London don't arrive early at the North because they can't, with HS2 they can which is a benefit.'

Actually, the so-called northern ‘released capacity’ appears to be pretty much zero in the evening, as well. Consider, for example, the quantum of ‘Doncaster corridor’ peak-hour trains from Leeds in December 2016, and ‘with HS2’ (modelled for sometime in the 2030s).

HS2 and the Doncaster corridor capacity, DfT response

Wasn’t the building of HS2 supposed to “double the space” for trains on the conventional routes “into Leeds, into Birmingham, into Manchester”?

Chris Grayling on Good Morning Britain: 'the building of hs2 will double the space for trains on the conventional routes into our big cities, into Leeds, into Birmingham, into Manchester'

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