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On 5 February, HS2 Ltd revealed the latest images of its proposed Old Oak Common ‘super-hub’ in west London, which it claims ‘will be the UK’s best connected station’.

twitter, @HS2ltd, latest images of Old Oak Common HS2 revealed, 'The super-hub will be the UK’s best connected station'

If Old Oak were really intended to be the UK’s best connected station, why do HS2 Ltd want to spend billions of pounds more, taking their railway into Camden?

Despite Old Oak’s locational advantages, it would appear that HS2 Ltd have not progressed plans for Underground, Overground, classic rail or tramway connectivity there, because that would undermine the ‘case’ for the massive expense and destruction of building the line into Euston.

One might also ask, why is the (presumably prime) real estate around this ‘best connected in the UK’ Old Oak station intended to be occupied by train depots?

And just why is the architectural concept so mediocre?

HS2 Ltd, Old Oak Common super hub

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February 6, 2019 at 4:58 pm

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