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Following the launch last week of the ‘final draft‘ version of Transport for the North’s “£70 billion” Strategic Transport “Plan”, Northern Powerhouse Partnership director Henri Murison claimed that opponents of High Speed Two and Northern powerhouse rail were ‘anti wider transport improvements’.

twitter, @henrimurison,

Apparently, Mr Murison equates ‘wider transport improvements in the north’ with ‘building a high speed railway between Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds’ (etc).

twitter, @henrimurison, 'Quite happy to call out the @stophs2 brigade for being anti investment, not really pro wider transport (...)'

Mr Murison tweeted that increasing capacity on the West Coast Main Line had cost “£14 billion”. But just days before, in a BBC breakfast tv interview, he claimed that the bill for the upgrade was ‘almost £10 billion’.

Henri Murison promoting HS2 on BBC breakfast tv, Jan 2019

According to the Department for Transport, the upgrade element of West Coast Route Modernisation cost “£2.5 billion”.


Written by beleben

February 4, 2019 at 11:21 am

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  1. Lol at you suggesting that you can omit the “upgrades and renewals” costs from the WCML route mod.

    • Lol at you for suggesting that the blogpost claims the “upgrades and renewals” costs can be omitted from the WCML route modernisation. What it ‘suggests’ is that Henri Murison gave two wildly inaccurate estimates of the cost of the enhancement aspect of WCRM.


      March 5, 2019 at 10:03 am

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