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Write us a blank cheque to build all of HS2, say special interests

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This morning, in an open letter, George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse Partnership, Midlands Connect, Midlands Engine, and Core Cities UK have urged Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Vince Cable and Nicola Sturgeon to offer unwavering and vocal support for ‘building High Speed Two in its entirety’. The missive was co-signed by about forty “business and civic leaders” / assorted representatives of the HS2 blob.

'Fightback' letter from the HS2 blob, 24 Jan 2018, page 1

'Fightback' letter from the HS2 blob, 24 Jan 2018, page 2

This clichĂ©-heavy, fact-lite ‘fightback’ letter was part of a spin offensive which included a tv interview with Osborne gofer Henri Murison, tweets from PR staffers involved with HS2, and a speech by transport secretary Chris Grayling.

twitter, @annatwriggs, blah blah HS2

What was the point of addressing the letter to Vince and Nicola, though?

Talk Radio, Vince Cable, 'HS2 dodgy'

BBC News, 'Glasgow Edinburgh high speed rail shelved'

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January 24, 2019 at 2:38 pm

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