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Saturate before schmoozing

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Apparently, in the view of Shadow rail minister Rachael Maskell MP, getting some businessmen to London ~20 minutes earlier is so important, that £60+ billion of public cash needs to be spent on HS2.

@railleaders, twitter, today we will be mostly schmoozing with Rachael

On the other hand, what does it matter if people have to wait another week for a doctor’s appointment? That is, apparently, less important than bringing in more migrants, until ‘saturation point’ (?) is reached.

York MP Rachael Buckle: bring in more migrants until saturation point is reached

High Speed Two is another manifestation of ‘Robin-Hood-in-reverse’ politics. The target clientele for HS2 are probably inscribed with BUPA and suchlike, so presumably, in Rachael world, they wouldn’t be the ones having to wait another week for their doctor’s appointment.

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September 24, 2018 at 10:22 am

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  1. Sorting out the stalled programme to eliminate 70+ level crossings from ECML, & some streamlining of that tedious Doncaster-Wakefield-Leeds time might deliver the same or a better result for most West Yorkshire destinations. The Bradford connection, with its facility to cut 8-15 minutes from a Manchester-Leeds journey, & improve utilisation of trains, frequency of services & resilience* of the network. *With this link the Skipton-London through service(s) can run via Bradford, and London-Leeds services can also divert to run via Bradford during blockades or disruption – trains to Ilkley and Skipton can run via a choice of 2 routes – also allowing for closure of one route for planned or unplanned activity. Halifax-Bradford-Leeds likewise benefits from having 2 route options.

    The Colne-Skipton connection should also be considered as a resilience and journey enhancement move. even with cycling the 12 miles the ‘window’ of departure/arrival times for journeys North & South via Preston is vastly improved, and from both sides of the Pennines a valuable link us restored.


    September 24, 2018 at 11:28 am

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