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Neutering the rail nationalisation argument

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Ministers are ‘considering’ a wide-ranging and major review of Britain’s railways to ‘rebuild confidence in the privatised network’, The Times reported on 5 September. The review was ‘likely to look at resurrecting the Strategic Rail Authority’ in an ‘attempt to neuter the nationalisation argument’.

The Times, 5 Sep 2018, rail review under consideration

The creation of a Strategic Rail Authority was a Blairite idea, which the New Labour government itself killed off after just five years. In its short life, the SRA displayed its shortcomings over and over again. In 2002, £58 million of public cash was handed over by the SRA to the train operator Connex South Eastern, before a report (the Authority had commissioned) concluded that the company had ‘an inadequate grasp of basic financial modelling and cashflow management’.

The Independent, 'Watchdog blasts SRA over £2bn train disaster'

ASLEF accused the SRA of idiocy of unimaginable proportions

With the case for SRA 2.0 ‘proven’, surely the only question remaining is, who should be chief executive? Robert Nisbet, perhaps? Or Richard Brown?

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September 6, 2018 at 2:26 pm

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