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Capacity with minimal disruption

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Is there an alternative to HS2 which would add ‘significantly more capacity to our railways’, which would ‘cost less’ and ’cause less disruption’?

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Actually, there are numerous ways to ‘add significant capacity’ at much lower cost and with much less disruption, and many of these have been described on the Beleben blog.

For example, if 26-metre long carriages can get into Bristol Temple Meads, Newcastle, and York, there would be no reason why they couldn’t get into Birmingham New Street. On intercity West Coast out of Euston, the use of space-optimised rolling stock would allow a ~36% increase in peak capacity, without platform lengthening, or significant lineside interventions.

‘Long distance’ services in
5pm – 6pm peak hour out of Euston (with 11 of 15 fast paths allocated to intercity)
‘Current’ seats
(HS2 July 2017
Strategic Case)
Seating with
26 metre carriages
using full
platform length
1 Birmingham New Street 470a 715d
2 Birmingham New Street 470a 715d
3 Glasgow 591b 715d
4 Glasgow 591b 715d
5 Holyhead 512c 630e
6 Lancaster 470a 715d
7 Liverpool 591b 715d
8 Liverpool 470a 715d
9 Manchester 591b 715d
10 Manchester 470a 715d
11 Manchester 470a 715d
Total 5696 7780
a = Pendolino 9-car | b = Pendolino 11-car | c = Voyager 2 * 5-car | d = IEP 10-car | e = IEP 2 * 5-car
Figures sourced from the Department for Transport

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September 6, 2018 at 10:10 am

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