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The consistently-critical Taxpayers’ Alliance, which opposes the HS2 high speed rail scheme, has launched a competition inviting suggestions for an alternative way of spending £56 billion – not necessarily on railways, Railnews reported.

[Railnews, HS2 ‘delayed’, while critics plan alternative transport schemes, 3 Sep 2018]

The [Taxpayers] Alliance says: “The Great British Transport Competition is asking all interested parties from across the UK to submit ideas for transport infrastructure projects. Entries will be judged by an expert panel, including qualified surveyors, politicians and rail industry experts. The winning bids will be professionally costed and presented to ministers.”

Railnews-hs2-delayed-3 sep 2018

Michael Byng and Tony Berkeley judging a Taxpayers Alliance transport competition, must be nudging a ’10’ on the HS2 weird-o-meter. But can the Railnews former editorial director, Alan Marshall, get the needle up to ’11’?

Burton Green parish council, Councillor Alan Marshall

Um, el once, no problemo.

Burton Green parish council, minutes-19 Jan 2018, extract

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