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Dive into HS2

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Who really has an interest in controlling the costs of HS2? Top management know that the more junior staff are paid, the easier it is to justify their own salaries. The more that is spent with suppliers, the bigger the overall budget, and again the more important their own jobs appear (according to SpendMatters UK/Europe).

[HS2 Rail Procurement Challenges – It’s Complicated!, SpendMatters, 21 Aug 2018]

Let’s get somewhat controversial for a moment. In a country where rough sleeping and use of food banks is growing, hospital waiting lists are lengthening, people are defending themselves in courts (badly) because legal aid has been slashed, HS2 is a luxury that we can’t afford. It increasingly just looks like a huge pile of cash spread out for the rail and construction industry to dive into. Here you go, help yourselves!


Written by beleben

August 21, 2018 at 1:45 pm

Posted in HS2, Politics

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