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The service plan proposed by HS2 Ltd of 17 trains per hour out of Euston is “well beyond the highest service frequency achieved to date on a high-speed line” noted Greengauge 21 (Jim Steer).

Greengauge 21, Old Oak Common should only be served by 4 trains per hour

The Greengauge ‘Beyond HS2’ report (May 2018) suggested that no more than 16 trains per hour should run in each direction on the Euston – Water Orton trunk, with just 4 stopping at Old Oak Common. However, there was no indication of which Country destinations would then no longer be reachable from Old Oak, or any crowding effects on the Northern and Victoria lines (etc).

Greengaue 21 Newcastle intercity trains should stay on the East Coast Main Line

Jim has also decided that Newcastle and York intercity trains should “remain on the [East Coast Main Line] with a target of closely matching the journey times that would be achieved by HS2”. So, the East Coast Main Line should, er, be upgraded. But what about the ‘14 years of weekend closures‘ this would ’cause’? And if existing lines were upgraded in that way, what remains of the case for HS2’s eastern leg?

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August 12, 2018 at 11:14 am

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