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At sixes and sevens

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The latest muddled rebranding of West Midlands Transport seems destined to add to public confusion about who is responsible for transport services.

West Midlands Transport identity, 2018

Apparently, trains are supposed to be orange, but orange is the colour of the ‘Transport for West Midlands’ organisation. But the colour of, er, ‘West Midlands Transport’ is sort of purple. Or is that the colour of the trains?

'TfWM part of WMCA'

Orange Transport for West Midlands identity, 2018

Although operated by the same company, ‘West Midlands Trains’ (not the same thing as ‘West Midlands Rail’) are likely to have three different liveries – mainly purple, mainly orange, and mainly dark green – for no particular reason. But not teal. That’s for the ‘Rail Executive’.

West Midlands Rail

West Midlands Rail Executive

West Midlands Trains

West Midlands Rail, predominately purple

twitter @samjessupdesign, some West Midlands Rail trains to be orange but others purple

Buses operated by different companies in competition with each other, with different fare structures, are supposed to be repainted red, as if they were London buses, um, except in Coventry, where the National Express West Midlands buses are supposed to remain skyish blue (?).

The ‘network identity’ is so dysfunctional that the same bus operator cannot even manage to give a unique identifying number to each of its services.

Two number sixes and two number sevens

Besides the proliferation of expenditure and public confusion, another problem with the boneheaded rebrand is the environmental waste from discarded vinyls, paint remover, etc. There are thousands of vehicles and pieces of street furniture, etc, with legacy branding, so the cackhandery is deplorable.

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July 29, 2018 at 11:53 am

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