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HS2 green corridor video is misinformation

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On 25 June, high speed rail minister Nusrat Munir Ul-Ghani and HS2 chief executive Mark Thurston were in Warwickshire to launch the ‘HS2 green corridor’ at Dale House Farm, but apparently ended up locked in the farm, awaiting a locksmith.

twitter @joerukin, Nusrat Ghani locked in farm

Despite her envelope difficulties, Ms Ghani managed to give an interview to ITV Central News, coming across as not having much interest in the environment.

[Warwick Courier, 25 Jun 2018]

[HS2 Ltd claims] the green corridor will result in over nine square kilometres of new native woodlands and habitats for species including bats, badgers and great crested newts.

But The Woodland Trust slammed the plans and said HS2 would devastate the environment. Luci Ryan, ecologist at the Woodland Trust said: “This is utter greenwash nonsense from an organisation trying to pretend that HS2 isn’t the most environmentally destructive infrastructure project this country has seen in decades.

“Some 98 beautiful, rare, irreplaceable ancient woods will be destroyed or damaged by this scheme. That’s 98 habitats and ecosystems that support a whole host of mammals, birds, invertebrates, fungi and plants.”

HS2 Ltd also added a curious and misinformational video about the green corridor to its Youtube channel, featuring a sort of computer-game landscape with mutant trees, and stripe-free badgers.

HS2 green corridor, mutant flora and fauna

The video claimed phase one would be open ‘by 2026’.

HS2 green corridor, phase one by 2026

Other oddities of the video included: no sign of any fencing off of the railway from the surrounding land, no sign of any service roads alongside the tracks, and no overhead line structures.

In some frames, the trains in the animation seem to have a pantograph ‘well’, but no pantograph. In other frames, there is a raised pantograph drawing maints ampères from completely invisible overhead line equipment.

HS2 green corridor panto mime, arrowed

Quite an achievement, considering the massive amounts of energy the trains would consume. According to KPMG, HS2 could increase the electricity requirement of GB rail by 40 to 67 per cent. The upstream capex required to provide this power is not on HS2’s books, but would have to be paid for somehow.

The HS2 is officially estimated to cost £55.7 billion, so the green(-wash) corridor just announced, would amount to ~0.01% of the total spend.

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June 26, 2018 at 8:14 am

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  1. Thought it was quite narrow, then realised there’s only one track too, so one-way trains?

    Joe Rukin (@joerukin)

    June 27, 2018 at 9:08 am

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