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The fearsome costs of HS2

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In his latest letter to Lord Tony Berkeley regarding HS2, transport secretary Chris Grayling told him: “As you know from previous correspondence on this issue from both Lord Ahmad and Paul Maynard MP, HS2 Ltd and the Department do not agree with the  cost, schedule and engineering assertions made by Michael Byng. The Phase One funding envelope (without rolling stock) is £24.3 billion” (Railnews reported on 18 April)., 2018_04_18, 'Fears grow over true cost of HS2'

Railnews also claimed that Mr Byng’s advice had been “requested” by the Department for Transport.

[Fears grow over true cost of HS2, Railnews]

Mr Byng has prepared a 4000-page document analysing the costs of HS2. After his advice had been requested by the Department for Transport, he concluded that the true cost of Phase One between London and Birmingham is likely to be at least £50 billion, compared with the latest official figure of £24.3 billion. This includes a one-third contingency allowance but not the cost of new high speed trains. The cost of the whole scheme, including the extensions to Manchester and Leeds, is now said to top £100 billion.

twitter, @mbpcworldwide, June 2017, claimed HS2 phase 1 cost as £48 bn

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April 19, 2018 at 9:50 am

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  1. In the July 2017 economic case;

    5.2.25 In line with HM Treasury appraisal guidance, we have removed sunk costs from the calculation of the BCRs. If we were to include the sunk costs incurred up to 2017, we estimate that this would reduce the median Full Network BCR by 0.2

    Yet more massaging of the figures which is never picked up and questioned by anybody!


    April 19, 2018 at 2:37 pm

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