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On the absence of a strategy

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HS2 provides “an excellent illustration of the challenges of making infrastructure decisions in the absence of a strategy”, according to a report published by the Institute for Government.

IFG, What's wrong with infrastructure decision making' (extract)

[“What’s wrong with infrastructure decision making? Conclusions from six UK case studies”, Graham Atkins, Chris Wajzer, Raphael Hogarth, Nick Davies, Emma Norris]

[…] Since it was first mooted in 2008, HS2 has repeatedly been criticised as a ‘solution looking for a problem’. Its objectives have repeatedly seemed to shift. Initially suggested as an employment stimulus, it has subsequently been sold as a way to cut travel time, reduce overcrowding on the West Coast Mainline and regenerate the West Midlands. The lack of clarity over the purpose of HS2 has led to lengthy delays in decision making, as the Government has reworked its analysis and communications strategy, at significant cost, to deal with parliamentary and public opposition. On top of this, critical public and parliamentary stakeholders remain uncertain about whether HS2 represents the most cost-effective solution (not least because there is such disagreement about which problem it is aiming to solve), or good value for money.

Oddly enough, the IFG website states that ‘HS2 pioneer’ Andrew Adonis is ‘director of the Institute for Government’.

'Andrew Adonis is director of the IFG, according to its website

Twitter @instituteforgov, What's wrong with UK infrastructure decision-making

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July 3, 2017 at 4:50 pm

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