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The 21 May edition of the ‘Sunday Politics West Midlands’ tv show included an interview with Green party co-leader Jonathan Bartley.

Sian Grzeszczyk

BBC reporter Sian Grzeszczyk interviewing the Green party’s Jonathan Bartley

When asked by BBC reporter Sian Grzeszczyk about the party’s opposition to HS2, Mr Bartley stated that it would be better to put the money into schemes which would deliver more and better benefits, such as improving local transport.

Jonathan Bartley (Green party)

Jonathan Bartley

After that interview was shown, presenter Patrick Burns asked studio guest Diana Toynbee, also from the Green party, about its ‘pretty consistent opposition’ to HS2.

[Patrick Burns, in a question to Green party councillor Diana Toynbee, on BBC Sunday Politics West Midlands, tx 21 May 2017]

[PB:] I don’t understand why you’re not welcoming these much more energy efficient modern locos onto the infrastructure of transport, rather than replacing the older ones which, which I would presume, are less efficient?

Diana Toynbee from the Green party

Diana Toynbee (Green party)

Unfortunately neither Mr Burns nor Ms Toynbee seemed to be aware that very high speed rail (like HS2) is inherently more energy- and carbon-intensive than conventional (200 km/h) high speed rail.

Traction energy requirements of high speed trains at different speeds (Systra for Greengauge 21)

In Britain, 200 km/h trains are the ‘efficient’ ones, and that speed looks fast enough, considering the distances between the major cities. HS2’s 360 km/h operation does not suit an economic geography in which major population centres are just 100 to 150 km apart.

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