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Ramming all whingers

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Is it time to ram all HS2 ‘whingers’ on the 1713 Euston to Milton Keynes and see how they like standing in a crush?

Twitter, @chris_railway

But (a) how much of a crush is there on the 1713? And (b) in the normal course of events, how many people are standing? According to the latest available train company advisory (below), (a =) not much, and (b =) everyone should be able to get a seat.

But perhaps having to go to Milton Keynes is punishment enough, même en place assise.

London Midland, 'Getting a seat from Euston', 12 December 2016 edition

London Midland, ‘Getting a seat from Euston’, 12 December 2016 edition

If commuters did have to stand on the 1713, some might describe it as a ‘first world problem‘, affecting a handful of mostly well-off people for a few minutes of their day. People have to stand on lots of trains all over the Southern Region, so why should north of the Thames be any different?

In what universe would ‘every single traveller seated for every minute of a 30 minute journey’ be a priority issue for £60 billion of public cash? How many people should have to forego their NHS treatment, or whatever, to pay for it?

Fortunately for Milton Keynes commuters, future demand growth could be addressed at comparatively low cost, by running longer trains, and making better use of the slow lines (for example). As can be seen, the majority of peak London Midland trains still do not run at current maximum length (12 coaches).

Written by beleben

May 5, 2017 at 9:02 am

3 Responses

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  1. When I last looked at the figures, the standing pinch on the WCML between Milton Keynes and London Euston was a lot less than the ditto count at London Bridge, Fenchurch Street, Liverpool Street, Paddington, Moorgate and Marylebone. HS2 fans go figure.

    Michael Wand

    May 5, 2017 at 11:48 am

  2. With the class 350 they are getting from TPE is there not the potential to extend the Tring terminators to Bletchley and gave the options of running to Milton Keynes, if capacity is available, terminating at Bletchley and promoting this as a railhead for South Milton Keynes, and a ready to roll interchange for E-W Rail. Wires to Bedford with distributed capture from South Milton Keynes residential areas strung along Marston Vale, reducing the car traffic surge on routes to Milton Keynes Central. An off-peak & evenings shuttle service Milton Keynes-Bedford, would need to drop out in favour of the London Commuter traffic.

    Are all 321’s now off the route? Are all 350’s now regeared for 110mph? Has the 12-car ‘collection’ stability been restored? (3 pans up and standing wave issues) Could a 125mph regearing work? How might the grade separation at Ledburn, Hanslope, (Bourne End?, Bletchley?) enhance the position?

    Would a grade separated connection to GC/GW and long term plan for wires Wembley-Coventry-Nuneaton (with double track restored Leamington-Coventry and 4-track (125mph) options taken up Wembley-Bicester/Banbury-Birmimgham) drive the delivery the upgrading required for London-Milton Keynes by providing the by-pass with minimal time penalties that permits work to take place.

    A similar detail could be delivered by a connection at West Hampstead so the MML services could divert via WCML to Bedford (with current connections) and Leicester with a Nuneaton chord.


    May 6, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    • The relief tracks could be more intensively used. That said, any scenario in which ‘commuter fast’ trains leave / join the fast lines south of Bletchley, implies less than 100% capacity utilisation on the slow lines, at that point.


      May 7, 2017 at 10:39 am

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