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Exports on their mind

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The United Kingdom’s expertise in high speed rail, should be seen as a ‘potential export sector’, according to the ‘High Speed Rail Leaders’ industry lobby group.

'Potential export sector?' 'Potential export sector?'

[HSRILG response to the government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper, April 2017]

[…] In order to take advantage of these opportunities [in the high value growth sector in the global growth area of high speed rail] we should explore the creation of a “HS2 International” which brings together HSR delivery businesses and the government-owned client body HS2 Ltd to create a public-private partnership to market the UK skill base and experience abroad, offering a whole exportable package to potential customers.

How much credible domestic expertise the UK can present in overseas rail markets, must be open to question. If such expertise existed, then why are large parts of the GB railway network operated by foreign companies, such as Deutsche Bahn, MTR (Hong Kong), and SNCF? And why is virtually all new passenger rolling stock imported?


Written by beleben

April 11, 2017 at 10:54 am

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  1. We could of course export our skill and expertise in overhead electrification as currently being ably demonstrated on Great Western. Should this system be adopted for HS2, then the mind boggles at the amount of steel that would be required to support the heavy wires and tensions needed for speeds of 400kph rather than 200kph. Apparently the cost of upgrading the OHLE on the Midland Main Line south of Bedford from 160kph to 200kph is seen as a reason for deferring further electrification on this route. We could be the first country to propose a hybrid high speed train thereby avoiding the need to electrify the MML into Sheffield. The best solution would be to export the people who advocated HS2; destination Australia.


    April 11, 2017 at 12:54 pm

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