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HS2's David HigginsBirmingham and the wider West Midlands region are “already enjoying the benefits of HS2“, and Stafford will have an “integrated high speed station” used by a community far wider than the county town, according to an article supposedly written by HS2 chairman David Higgins.

[‘HS2 will open up more than a high speed line’ says the boss heading multi-billion pound project, ‘David Higgins writes’, Express and Star, 31 Oct 2016]

Stafford’s integrated high speed station will be used by a community far wider than the county town, opening up services [to London] to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses to the north, west and south including Staffordshire and the Black Country.

It will also enable people to access faster and direct services to London – providing a much-needed boost to transport links [to London].

[…] Stafford Borough Council is commissioning a strategic vision and deliverable ‘route map’ and investment programme for Stafford station and surrounding areas, where the arrival of HS2 trains is expected to have the most transformative impact.

Surely, train services to London are already “opened up” – to anyone who can reach the existing Stafford railway station, and who can afford the fare. What is the difference between Stafford’s current station, and David Higgins’ “integrated high speed station”? So far as can be ascertained, they are one and the same thing.

[‘HS2 will open up more than a high speed line’ says the boss heading multi-billion pound project, ‘David Higgins writes’, Express and Star, 31 Oct 2016]

[…] Birmingham and the wider West Midlands region are already enjoying the benefits of HS2.

Through the largest devolution deal to date, the West Midlands Combined Authority has been given responsibility for an investment package worth more than £4bn to deliver the Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy with the potential to add £14bn to the economy and create and support 100,000 jobs.

So, carry on ‘enjoying’ four-hour waits in accident and emergency, carry on enjoying 3-foot potholes, carry on enjoying library closures, and carry on enjoying the results of the government’s spending choices on HS2, and the ‘Midlands Engine’.

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November 30, 2016 at 2:25 pm

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  1. Who are the “already enjoying the benefits of HS2“ people? It can only be the “I’ll do anything for money” people. HS2 is so mind-boggingly stupid and yet Express and Star churns out any old waffle that ‘Sir’ David utters. Stafford, in 2026…. or sometime thereafter will have one HS2 tph from Liverpool, already full, stopping en route to London – any alternative will be utterly slow. That’s progress.
    Up and down the country, civic leaders are feeding their constituents this ‘pie in the sky’ as the modern day panacea to all ills in the economy.

    CLaud Adonut-Know

    November 30, 2016 at 9:54 pm

  2. I’m not quite sure I understand the four hour wait conclusion.

    I’m not sure exactly what the current figures are, but when I looked at some recently there were about 3m non-UK born people working in this country; but at the same time, there was about 1,7m people out of work and claiming benefit, and about 700k job vacancies. So by using simple maths, we have some 2m more jobs already in the UK than the native-born population can support, so substantial immigration is necessary.

    If HS2 is going to create and support 100,000 new jobs, there will have to be 100,000 people to fill them; and there’s a good chance that people will have to move into the West Midlands to fill the vacancies which it is claimed HS2 will create.

    But many of the people coming into the West Midlands to take these jobs created by HS2 will be married, have kids, etc; so the actual number of people moving to the are will probably be in excess of 200,000.

    So unless new hospitals are built, won’t the arrival of HS2 result in increased hospital waiting times? !!!

    Of course this is a “tongue-in-cheek” comment, but on a serious note all politicians seem to talk about with regard to HS2 is jobs, jobs, jobs; and as the example shown above shows, we already seem to have more jobs here in the UK than can be supported. So if the forecasts are right and HS2 does create thousands of extra jobs in the Midlands and North, it’s very likely people will have to move to the areas where they are, and – unless there is major investment in public services – hospital waiting times will get longer, it will be more difficult to get a GP appointment, and more parents won’t be able to get their children into their first choice of school. And, of course, 100,000 jobs will probably require the provision of 100,000 units of accommodation; and these will require servicing (dustmen, etc), which will create more jobs, and an upward jobs pyramid is created. When “secondary” jobs are included, the total number of people arriving in the area should be in excess of the 100,000 people mentioned – and the potential pressure on public services will be considerable!


    December 2, 2016 at 2:01 am

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