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Whatever the amount the government has paid outfits such as Westbourne Communications to try to ‘change opinion’ about building the HS2 railway, it seems not to have made much difference with the public. That’s if a survey for ITV’s Tonight tv show is any indication.

[High-Speed Rail: Is It Worth It? , ITV, 10 November 2016]

[In] an exclusive survey for the Tonight programme, less than 20% of respondents thought they would use HS2 when built, and only one in ten people thought the high speed rail link would benefit the majority of commuters.

Additionally, people felt it was mainly a project for London – with only a third of people feeling that HS2 will benefit the north.

The other results of our survey of 2,000 people were as follows:

23% not aware that HS2 is being planned

15% feel that HS2 is worth £56bn

58% don’t think it’s a price worth paying

77% of people would prefer that the money was spent in other areas, like the NHS

In a tragi-comic interview with reporter Jonny Maitland, HS2 Ltd chairman David Higgins likened the project to bailing out a bank. Perhaps not the best way of selling the scheme to the public, when one remembers he was previously chief executive officer of Network Rail – an organisation which awarded bonuses to directors for failure, and which ran up derivatives trading losses of hundreds of millions of pounds.

On the ITV Tonight show, HS2 chairman David Higgins avoided answering the question, 'The price of it... how much higher is going to go?'

On the ITV Tonight show, HS2 chairman David Higgins avoided answering the question, “The price of it… how much higher is it going to go?”

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November 11, 2016 at 2:40 pm

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  1. A remarkable aspect of the broadcast was that Sir David Higgins is seemingly living in a parallel universe – exhibiting (from his utterances) an apparent complete lack of awareness of HS2’s shortcomings. Higgins cited his Olympian experience: a project that saw its original budget triple and one that left East London with a dubious legacy!

    Tim Stockton

    November 14, 2016 at 6:49 pm

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