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HS2 ‘released capacity’ deceit

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One of HS2’s key benefits is the ‘releasing of capacity for city region rail service expansion on existing lines’, according to Greengauge 21’s Jim Steer.
Greengauge 21 implementing hs2 north inseparable

How plausible is this claim? According to Mr Steer’s Steer Davies Gleave company, for Yorkshire city regions, the “opportunity and scope to remove services from the existing network is ‘limited'”.

The Steer Davies Gleave HS2 Yorkshire timetable options report stated that the scope to remove services from the existing network is 'limited'

For ‘limited’, read ‘almost non-existent’. Another way of looking at the potential for released capacity is to examine what places could be served by a Leeds to London HS2 train.

Leeds to London HS2, possible station stops, Oct 2016

As is plain to see, HS2 could not provide fast-service connections from Leeds for East Coast Main Line destinations like Wakefield, Doncaster, and Peterborough. It is not much more than a ‘railway to London, and London only’.

If ECML fast trains were withdrawn to “release capacity for new services”, the “new services” would have to be more or less the same as the ‘old’ withdrawn ones. Otherwise, there would be a loss of connectivity.

Manchester to London HS2 captive service, possible station stops (Oct 2016)

On the western leg of HS2, the situation would be much the same. Capacity ‘released’ by HS2 on existing lines would have to be ‘unreleased’, by replacing the old discontinued services with new ones, which would be more or less the same – or perhaps a bit slower.

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November 3, 2016 at 3:56 pm

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