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The additional £12 million from central government, announced at the Conservative Party conference (2 – 5 October 2016), ‘will keep Midlands Connect – the transport partner of Midlands Engine – running until at least 2020’ (wrote Maria Machancoses, ‘programme director at Midlands Connect and director at Midlands Engine’).

[If the Midlands makes the most of HS2, the UK will get most out of the Midlands, Maria Machancoses, RTM, 2016-10-25]

These funds will enable Midlands Connect to implement its transport strategy beyond March 2017. Key to this will be ensuring the Midlands is ready for the arrival of HS2 in 2026. These measures include smart payment systems, additional coaches on trains and regeneration around HS2 stations. Prime minister Theresa May has already openly praised forward-thinking investments such as the £900m commitment to build 4,000 houses at a revamped HS2-ready Curzon Street station in Birmingham City Centre.
For one, HS2 will increase passenger capacity for rail journeys, and we plan to push for 10 extra carriages to each train, helping to relieve pressure on the Midlands motorway grid. Additionally, our recommended improvements for freight transportation via rail will be essential to business in the future.

We are working closely with HS2 and Network Rail to identify schemes that have the ability to unlock economic growth and network capacity. In terms of rail, it is not about the Midlands investing in miles of track. Actions of intent, such as building 4,000 houses at Birmingham’s revamped HS2-ready Curzon Street Station, need to be carried out.

Why is “building 4,000 houses” at Curzon Street station so important that it is mentioned twice in an article about regional connectivity? Is there even room to build “4,000 houses” at Curzon Street? And just how is it possible to “push for 10 extra carriages to each train”?

So far as can be established, ‘Midlands Connect’ is a motley collection of dud projects. It makes no sense to design local transport around ‘HS2 connectivity’, because the vast majority of everyday journeys in the Midlands do not involve travelling to London or Manchester by train.

LGC story from August 2016 about Midlands Connect

LGC story from August 2016 about Midlands Connect

'If the Midlands makes the most of HS2 the UK will get most out of the Midlands' (?)


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October 26, 2016 at 9:43 am

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