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Crewel delusions, part four

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Further work has identified “a number of disadvantages to the November 2015 scheme” for very high speed rail at Crewe, according to the ‘High Speed Two Phase 2a: West Midlands to Crewe Design Refinement Consultation’ (September 2016, Cm 9285).

[DfT, Sep 2016]

[1.1.6] The Government believes there could be benefits from better integrating HS2 services with the existing network in a Crewe Hub station. We are working with Network Rail and HS2 Limited to examine options for a Crewe Hub station which would allow additional HS2 services to call at Crewe, address existing constraints, and provide for future growth. This work is on-going, and the Secretary of State is yet to make a decision. Crewe Hub is not included in this consultation document and we will provide a further update on the scheme in autumn 2016.
[1.3.2] However, there are three proposed changes to the design of the route that involve either introducing new operational rail infrastructure that was not envisaged in November 2015, or a significant alteration to the original design that gives rise to new or increased significant environmental effects on people, wildlife, land or property compared to the November 2015 design.

[1.3.3] The Secretary of State has decided to consult on these proposed changes before making a decision on whether to include them within the design that will be submitted to Parliament alongside the hybrid Bill. This consultation sets out the options examined and the Secretary of State’s proposed changes.

[1.3.4] In summary, the three proposed changes are:

1. south of Crewe, to extend the Crewe tunnel shown in the November 2015 design south by approximately 2100m and re-site the tunnel portal south of the A500 and Weston Lane;

2. south of Crewe to move the spur lines that connect HS2 to the WCML further south and to extend their length;

3. near Stone, to build a temporary construction facility (railhead) in-between the proposed HS2 route and the M6, which has the potential to subsequently become a permanent maintenance facility to replace the Infrastructure Maintenance Depot (IMD) currently shown at Crewe. This proposed change has been included for consultation because of the potential for a permanent facility at the site.

HS2 Crewe south approaches, Nov 2015 scheme

It has been determined that the length of the spurs in the November 2015 scheme ‘could not accommodate overhead electrification neutral sections, making traction power supply transfer from the HS2 system to the existing railway network’s power system unfeasible. The short length of the spurs would also not allow train controls to be readily transferred between existing railway systems and HS2 systems‘.

This must surely call into question the competence of the design engineers responsible for HS2 at Crewe.

HS2 Crewe south approaches, revised scheme with tunnel extension

If there is a need to re-site HS2’s tunnel portal south of Weston Lane, what would that mean for the ‘hub’ station — which, the government believes, should be ‘better integrated’ with the legacy railway?
Railways around Crewe (OpenStreetMap)

  • A surface ‘hub’ interchange, at the existing Crewe station, appears to have been ruled out by HS2 and Network Rail.
  • The cost of providing subterranean HS2 platforms would be enormous, which suggests
  • a new ‘hub’ station would have to be at least 4 km south of Crewe.

How to build a 'Crewe' HS2 hub south of Weston Lane?

What is the cost and feasibility of a 'Crewe' HS2 hub?

Written by beleben

October 9, 2016 at 2:32 pm

3 Responses

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  1. How long must it take to get those on this Titanic project that it might be better to integrate HS2 with the existing network all the way back to London… so that the outcomes are delivered faster and more cheaply

    Dave H (@BCCletts)

    October 9, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    • PS why has the freight by-pass route (via tunnels under Crewe Station) and connecting the Wilmslow and Winsford lines through to Basford Yard and via this to the WCML and Shrewsbury, not been highlighted?

      Dave H (@BCCletts)

      October 9, 2016 at 5:18 pm

  2. […] In ‘The tunnel or the hub‘ (14 October 2016), the Beleben blog exclusively reported that HS2 Ltd’s planned tunnel under Crewe, and the HS2 Ltd / Network Rail plan for a ‘hub’ station south of Crewe, were mutually incompatible proposals. The reasons were set out in ‘Crewel delusions part four’ (9 October 2016). […]

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