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HS2 versus do-minimum, part three

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With all Pendolinos reconfigured to have extra Standard class accommodation, in the ‘Higher Growth Scenario’, passenger load on the London to Birmingham rail service ‘could‘ reach 124% on Friday evenings. In, er, 2033/2034. According to the Department for Transport.

DfT, Nov 2015 report, average load factor forecast for intercity West Coast

For London to Manchester, the figure ‘could’ be 105% (etc).

But what ‘could’ be the load factor, if

(i) all available paths were used, and

(ii) high capacity rolling stock replaced the existing trains?

A 260-metre Hitachi IEP train could offer around 600 Standard Class seats, compared to 444 in the current Class 390/1

As can be seen from the bar chart above, a Hitachi Class 800 IEP train can offer around a third more Standard class seats than current Class 390 Pendolinos (of the same length).

If all available paths were used, and operated by 260-metre IEPs, the indications are that load factors would be well below 100% on all intercity West Coast services, on Friday evenings, in the ‘Higher Growth’ scenario. Neither HS2, nor the Atkins Strategic Alternative, are required to meet foreseeable intercity demand.

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October 3, 2016 at 10:25 am

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