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'Ministers will decide' : Rail minister Paul Maynard MP'Ministers will decide' : Transport secretary Chris Grayling MP

In a change of strategy, “HS2 Ltd looks set to order only trains compatible with the existing network at first, before ordering high-speed-only trains when more of the high-speed network is open”, the Financial Times reported.

[Alstom claims tilting train can solve HS2’s speed conundrum, Robert Wright and Gill Plimmer, Financial Times, 20 September 2016 (paywalled)]

[…] Transport ministers will decide shortly which strategy to pursue.

Henrik Anderberg, Alstom’s director for HS2, said trains based on those it is making for the north-east corridor of the US’s Amtrak network could be ideal for the “classic-compatible” order because they would be capable of 300 kph and also designed to tilt.

[…] HS2 stressed that no top speed below 360kph would be acceptable.

HS2 has been designed around obsolescent and impractical ‘Technical Standards for Interoperability’, featuring 200-metre-long trainsets. Another drawback of Alstom’s unwieldy “locomotive-at-both-ends” train would be the difficulty of accommodating the so-called “550 passengers” capacity in the available length.


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September 20, 2016 at 1:23 pm

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