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John Armitt on HS2 costs

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On BBC Radio 4 Start The Week (19 September 2016) Robert Harris, John Armitt, and Margaret Hodge talked infrastructure with Andrew Marr. On the programme, Mr Armitt said that HS2 is costing about 50% more per-mile than other high speed rail projects around the world, and ‘there are reasons why it is costing 50% more’.

Is HS2 ‘just’ 50% more expensive than other high speed rail? According to Lloyd’s Register and BSL Management Consultants (2009), the normalised cost of HS1 was well over 100% more than the second-most-expensive, in a sample of high speed lines.

'PPP-normalised investment cost of HS1 and some other HSR lines'

What about HS2? On a per-mile basis, it comes out considerably more expensive than HS1 (as chairman David Higgins has admitted).

So, on the information available,

* John Armitt is completely mistaken about HS2 being ‘only 50% more expensive than other lines’

* HS2 appears to be easily the most expensive high speed railway in the world.

Written by beleben

September 20, 2016 at 9:48 am

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