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One of the most active purveyors of HS2 misinformation is the ‘High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group’, which was set up by Greengauge 21. A recent example of HSRILG nonsense was: ‘British companies won 95% of contracts on Crossrail, the same can happen with HS2.’

Rail Leaders tweet: 'British companies won 95 percent of Crossrail contracts'

On its website, Crossrail Ltd does claim ‘that 95% of contracts have been awarded to companies based within the UK’.

Crossrail, jobs supply chain (extract)

But what does it mean?

So far as can be established, it doesn’t mean anything. In a December 2014 freedom of information response, Crossrail stated that it ‘does not hold information relating to UK spend’.

We hold information relating to the location of our tier 1 contractors, however we do not hold records of payments between businesses in our supply chain beyond the first tier.
Yours sincerely
Freedom of Information Officer
Crossrail | 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5LQ

It should be obvious that the UK share of Crossrail spend – or HS2 – could not be anything like 95%.

HSRILG has various classes of membership. Most of its ‘full members’ are foreign contractors, but the ‘affiliates’ are UK public sector bodies – HS2 Ltd, Transport Scotland, Network Rail, and Birmingham city council.

High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group, 2016 affiliates

So the misinformation put out by HSRILG, is bankrolled by public funds.

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September 15, 2016 at 1:56 pm

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