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Complaints to HS2 Ltd, part two

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Acording to HS2 Ltd’s complaints procedure

[HS2 Ltd:]

We will contact you, within 5 working days, to confirm receipt of your complaint and provide you with a case reference number. We aim to provide a full response within 20 working days but will strive to provide this sooner whenever possible. Our Corporate Complaints Procedure consists of two internal stages and two external stages; these are:

1: Business Unit Response – Stage One

The relevant Head (or Director) of the Business Unit will investigate matters and provide a response explaining their decision and, where appropriate, any recommendations or action required.

2: Chief Executive Response – Stage Two

Sending your complaint directly to the Chief Executive may delay the handling of your complaint so you should always make contact via the Helpdesk. If you are unhappy with the stage one outcome, please get back in touch with the Helpdesk and let us know why you are unhappy with the decision and what you think we can do further to help.

Please note that the Chief Executive cannot review any new or different issues and they will only usually consider your complaint after the stage one procedure has been completed. The Chief Executive will then review your original complaint and the response provided and will make a decision about whether or not matters have been dealt with appropriately.

3: Department for Transport’s (DfT’s) Independent Complaints Assessor (ICA) – Stage Three

If you are unhappy with the final response provided by the Chief Executive, you may get back in touch with the Helpdesk to ask to refer your complaint to the ICA. The ICA will carry out an independent review of the case and then advise both parties on the outcome of their decision.

4: Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO) – Stage Four

After review by the ICA, you may seek advice from any Member of Parliament (MP) to ask them to refer your complaint to the PHSO.

As HS2 Ltd seem to be unwilling or unable to respond to complaints, their complaints procedure appears to be unfit for purpose.

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September 7, 2016 at 5:06 pm

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