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HS2 and Sheffield demand

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HS2 Ltd’s diagram of 2013 / 2014 rail demand to and from London does not give figures for the actual numbers travelling, but the Sheffield volume is around the 800,000 mark.

London to Yorkshire and the North East, rail journeys, 2013-2014

Suppose all of that demand transferred to a Euston – Sheffield Midland HS2 service, operating 12 times per day in each direction, 360 days per year.

A HS2 ‘classic compatible’ train is supposed to carry ‘up to’ 550 passengers, but the arithmetic gives an average Sheffield train load of (800,000)/360/24 = ~93 passengers.

Stopping the HS2 train at Chesterfield would add a few more passengers, but would not fix the underlying non-viability.

Building the eastern leg would create the need for a new perpetual subsidy stream to cover the losses from HS2 operation. It would also create the need for an increased perpetual subsidy stream for the East Coast and Midland Main Lines.

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July 8, 2016 at 10:13 am

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