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A rod for his own back?

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Having had difficulties in finding independent evidence to back up their claim that 18 HS2 trains-per-hour could run, HS2 Ltd commissioned their own. One of the documents created to support the 18-trains-per-hour claim, written in 2011 by Professor Roderick Smith, was mentioned in the 2012 ‘Review of the Technical Specification for High Speed Rail in the UK‘, but appears to be no longer online., HS2 Ltd, review of technical specification (extract mentioning report by Prof Smith), Jan 2012

Perhaps that is just as well.

[High speed rail service HS2 will suffer the railways’ usual delays, expert warns, Henry Bodkin, Daily Telegraph, 30 June 2016]

Professor Rod Smith, the former Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Transport, said linking the new high speed lines to the existing network would be a “disaster” that would “ruin reliability and punctuality”.

If HS2 does go ahead, a lot of experts’ claims are going to be ‘found out’. One might ask, is there a ‘refund policy’, and if so, what is it?

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July 3, 2016 at 2:50 pm

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