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As the claims for its necessity have become weaker and weaker, HS2’s backers only became more adamant that it is a matter of supreme national importance that the project goes ahead, wrote Simon Jenkins.

[HS2: the zombie train that refuses to die, Simon Jenkins, The Guardian long read, 7 June 2016]
[As secretary of state for transport, Andrew] Adonis leapt on high-speed rail. He admits he was “much taken by [Jim] Steer”, while Steer recalls that he was impressed that Adonis “had actually read all the papers”. Like Steer, Adonis could see that speed was something that could be sold to politicians, in a way that other forms of rail investment might not. Playing on Brown’s perceived lack of patriotic fervour, Adonis stressed a constant theme: high-speed rail was in a great Victorian tradition, and France, Japan and Spain were forging ahead as Britain lagged behind. He told [Gordon] Brown: “I really want to do high-speed rail. Every western country has done it.” It became a matter of national pride.

Andrew Adonis was 'much taken' by Jim Steer, The Guardian, 07 Jun 2016

According to the article, Andrew Adonis felt that only the first phase of HS2, to Birmingham, “made sense”, and Euston was the “poison” at the heart of the project.

Camden New Journal, 'Andrew Adonis appeared flummoxed', 5 Jan 2014

He seems to have spent his whole time as transport secretary being taken in by Mr Steer. How much interest did he show in road safety, or diesel pollution?

Evening Standard story on diesel car pollution caused by bad Labour policy-making, 07 June 2016

Adonis and co HS2 Trainspotting


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