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Alstom plans for HS2, part two

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The ‘High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group’, set up by Jim Steer, uses figures produced by Leo Eyles to show jobs associated with building HS2.

Leo Eyles HS2 Y-network jobs profile

Mr Eyles claimed that in its peak years, HS2 rolling stock production would account for around 10,000 jobs.

According to Alstom, if it won the contract to provide HS2 trains, it would use a facility in the UK, possibly at Widnes, to assemble them, employing ‘600 people’.

So the UK share of Alstom HS2 train-building jobs would be around 6% by number, and less than 6% by value (because the manufacturing and design would be at La Rochelle, Belfort, Ornans, etc).

Although HS2 Ltd used the Alstom AGV11 as their ‘Reference train’, Alstom are heavily promoting a ‘short power car’ version of the TGV Duplex for the Y network, with double deck carriages. How double deck carriages would affect dwell time at stations, is unclear. Because the kinetic energy of a train travelling at 330+ km/h is much larger than one travelling at 200 km/h, accident survivability would be lower, which might account for the zero-passenger end cars.

Alstom Avelia tgv at a Birmingham Curzon Street station with no roof or overhead power lines

Because HS2 is supposedly being designed as a 400 km/h railway requiring much higher traction power than TGV lines, it is also unclear how Alstom would fit the additional kit into short power cars.

Alstom are also proposing the use of tilt carriages for HS2, which would a require a research and development programme. Would that be part of HS2 Ltd’s budget, or Alstom’s?

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May 25, 2016 at 12:22 pm

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