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Misrepresentation of Euston commuting

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In the November 2015 Demand and Capacity Pressures report, the Department for Transport claimed that on the West Coast Main Line, from 2013 to 2015, London Midland, the key commuter operator into London Euston, has seen its passenger journeys grow by 7.9 per cent from 60.5 million to 65.3 million., WCML demand and capacity pressures report, London Midland commuter growth

However, the December 2015 West Midlands Rail Franchise consultation stated that the Birmingham area accounted for more than half of London Midland’s journey count.

[DfT Rail Executive and West Midlands Rail, Consultation, West Midlands Rail Franchise, December 2015]

[section 2.4] Over 1,300 services are currently provided every weekday. Most passenger journeys are made in the Birmingham area (52%) or between Northampton and London (36%).

That would suggest that London Midland’s annual Euston passenger volume is closer to 24 million, than “65 million”. Does officialdom’s apparent compulsion to misrepresent and obfuscate, help HS2’s public image?

Written by beleben

May 11, 2016 at 1:05 pm

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