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HS2, and the Joanna Lumley memorial bridge over the Thames, seem to benefit from the Labour party’s difficulties with the concept of sunk costs.

[Why did Sadiq Khan change his mind over the Garden Bridge? He’s fallen for the sunk costs fallacy, Ben Chu, The Independent, 18 April 2016]

[…] Sadiq Khan, the front-runner to replace Boris Johnson as London Mayor, came out in opposition to the construction of a new £175m Garden Bridge across the Thames last year (with £60m expected to come from public funds). But last week came a change of heart. “It’s going ahead, it’s got the green light,” Khan said. And why? “The money [spent on the design] is spent. Cancelling would mean we lose that money and have nothing.”

Garden bridge, and the Boris Emirates cable car, highlight one of the problems with empowered city mayors, in which ‘local government’ is, to a greater or lesser extent, replaced by ‘decisions taken by a mayor’.

Written by beleben

April 18, 2016 at 10:29 am

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