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Crewecial preparatory work

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Network Rail is to commission architects to come up with a concept design for Crewe’s prospective “£5 billion” HS2 super-hub station, the Crewe Chronicle reported.

[‘Preparatory work’ begins on Crewe’s HS2 Super-hub Station, BY BARRY ELLAMS, 6 April 2016]

The location and financing of the proposed interchange will be announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the next Autumn Statement but ‘preparatory work’ is under way to examine how the £5bn rail station would best serve HS2 Ltd and Crewe.

Crewe Chronicle, Network rail superhub story, 06 Apr 2016

How it is possible to develop a concept design for the ‘superhub’ without even knowing where the government wants it to be, is a bit of a puzzle. With captive trains now effectively ruled out in Scotland (and for ‘HS3’, whatever that is), another bout of HS2 de-scoping must be on the cards.

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April 8, 2016 at 11:13 am

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  1. £5 billion for a station makes Euston look cheap.

    The Toton station is proposed to have no less than 8 platforms: 4 for high speed and 4 for classic rail, as designing to TSI standards means they are incompatible. The proposed arrangement at Toton does not allow for cross-platform interchange so passengers will have to waste more time shuffling between the two sets of platforms (always assuming that some classic trains are provided).

    Perhaps for £5 billion some architect could come up with a concept that has adjustable height platforms!

    In a more logical world it would be desirable to raise platform heights to give level boarding rather than build lower ones to the TSI standard since no Euro trains are ever likely to use HS2.


    April 9, 2016 at 11:47 am

    • Exactly Johnma. No European ultra fast trains will ever use the UK system beyond London. The exception is if there is ever built a link from the Channel Tunnel to Gatwick, through Heathrow and perhaps terminating at Reading. Thus the level of platforms in the rest of the UK should be build to classic line standards.

      With regard to Crewe the solution can be easier. At present many Euston-Manchester trains and all Euston-Glasgow trains no longer stop at Crewe. In these cases to improve the service build an underpass for the through trains while updating and even upgrading the present Crewe station for stopping trains.This has to be done anyway but I am sure it is not included in the GBP5 billion cost figures. Eliminate the out of town unnecessary hub (as proposed at Toton) which will only eat up more green countryside and provoke an incease in the use of the car thus increasing pollution levels.

      Stephen Cryan

      April 11, 2016 at 8:40 am

      • Except that developing the green belt is the whole purpose of HS2. It’s the entire business case. The railway is just the means. Toton has already lost its green belt – planning permission for a housing estate next to the station has already been granted.


        April 11, 2016 at 9:00 am

    • Network Rail have planned to make major changes at Crewe for almost a decade now. Combining those changes into the plans for HS2 cannot be a bad idea, surely? Whether that means upgrading the current site or moving it out to Basford Hall, it isn’t as if it’s just for the sake of HS2.


      April 17, 2016 at 11:47 pm

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