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David Higgins backs Hinkley Point C

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HS2, Crossrail 2, and Hinckley [sic] ‘Point’ to a consistent infrastructure pipeline stretching into the future. So said HS2 Ltd chairman David Higgins in his speech at the Northern Powerhouse conference in Manchester (25 February 2016) [Govwire version].

[Speech given by David Higgins at the Northern Powerhouse conference on 25th February 2016, extract]

Two years on, I do not kid myself that everyone is convinced but I do think people are much clearer about why HS2 is in Britain’s long term national interest. People are much more aware of the need to rebalance the economy between North and South but also how the increased capacity and connectivity that HS2 will deliver will help achieve that objective.

They are also much more engaged because they can see how HS2 can improve, not just their local transport system, but the economic potential of their area and its attractiveness to outside investment.

One example, for me, says it all – and forgive me if I take it from the other side of the Pennines.

Burberry is a global brand. It could go anywhere but it is rooted in the North and, by choosing Leeds as its new headquarters, it is making a global statement about its confidence in the future of the area. HS2 was part of that decision even though it is, currently, not due to open in the city until 2033.

[…] HS2, Hinckley, Crossrail 2 all point to a consistent pipeline stretching into the future. The context is changing and it is time to recognise that the way we have always done it before just is not up to the job and the industry needs to respond, and respond quickly.

At some point, the version of this speech was changed, when they realised the correct spelling was ‘Hinkley’. Sadly, Mr Higgins doesn’t realise what a crock Hinkley Point C is — or that Burberry is relocating the production of two existing Yorkshire factories to Leeds.


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