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Wake up boo, forget HS2

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On 29 February, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation stated that ten of “the UK’s top twelve struggling cities” are in the north of England. According to Volterra’s Paul Ormerod, chancellor George Osborne should “forget HS2”; the ‘Northern powerhouse’ can only be rescued by investing in human capital.

Paul Ormerod: 'Forget HS2', City A.M., 2 March 2016

In his City A.M. column (2 March), Mr Ormerod made reference to the views of “extremely distinguished professor” Mike Batty on the likely inefficacy of infrastructure such as HS2.

Paul Ormerod: 'Forget HS2: Only radical education reform will rescue the Northern Powerhouse', extract, City A.M., 2 March 2016

But the production of reports extolling the virtues of HS2 seems to have been Volterra’s bread and butter for the last few years. Clients from the HS2/HS3 blob have included the Core Cities group, Liverpool city council, Sheffield City Region, Stoke-on-Trent council, and the Department for Transport.

Paul Ormerod: 'A wake-up call for the Department of Transport: do the proper sums, HS2 is worth it', 23 May 2013 (as published in City A.M. on 22 May 2013)

In his 22 May 2013 column for City A.M., Mr Ormerod had said that connections from HS2 would give the North “dynamic potential”.

Something of a volte-face, then.

Volterra on David Begg's (now-defunct) Campaign for High Speed Rail website: 'Say yes to HS2, Create 1 million jobs'

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March 2, 2016 at 9:33 pm

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