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HS2’s official policy of banning sound recordings during a public meeting was challenged by the award-winning composer of the soundtrack to the 1980s TV show Auf Wiedersehen Pet, the Camden New Journal reported.

But HS2 Ltd Camden-botherer Rupert Walker was adamant that company staff would not be recorded.

[Stand-off as HS2 ban composer from recording public meeting, Tom Foot, CNJ, 8 October, 2015]

Martyn Swain, who lives in Rydal Water on Regent’s Park estate, took his microphone to a “traffic information meeting” in the Surma Centre. He was told recording meetings was forbidden by the “company’s corporate policy”. When he protested all the officials got up to leave the room.

In the recording, Mr Swain said: “This is a public meeting. It is our legal right. I’m making a record of actual events. The reason I’m doing that is that at some point I’m going to have to petition. I want to represent what people from HS2 are saying accurately.”

HS2 Euston area manager Rupert Walker said: “I am following the policy of the company, which says we cannot attend a meeting when people are recording. If you want to record it, the meeting ends.”


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October 8, 2015 at 11:50 am

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