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Railway security in Europe, part four

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Ministers from nine European countries including Britain held an emergency meeting yesterday to tighten security on rail networks in the aftermath of the foiled terror attack on a French train (wrote James Murray).

[Passengers face tighter security on train trips, James Murray, Daily Express, 30 Aug 2015]

[…] Passengers will now face tougher identity checks and baggage searches, and the possibility of rail marshals patrolling the trains was also raised.

[…] France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve called the meeting in the wake of the failed attempt by a Muslim extremist to kill scores of passengers on an Amsterdam to Paris train a week ago last Friday.

[…] Mr Cazeneuve said it was “essential to put in place co-ordinated operations on certain targeted routes”.

[…] Former Metropolitan Police detective sergeant Chris Hobbs said: ‘‘France has a lot more officers than Britain, so having more officers on stations and trains could be done. Yet if terrorists see security has been improved on key international routes they will look for others, possibly suburban routes.”

The results of the conference will be debated by Europe’s rail security group on September 11.

What remains unclear, is why the Thalys attacker was reportedly granted residency in Spain in 2007 and allowed to remain there, even after becoming involved in drug dealing. Was that in the Spanish public interest? Is it in the British public interest to allow entry to large numbers of people with no identity papers, or checkable background?

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August 30, 2015 at 11:09 am

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